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We are all aware of the current pandemic referred to as COVID-19. We are all affected and it is our responsiblity to act to ensure the safety of our citizens and the quick restoration of a virus-free society.

At OMIS Web Design we have the pleasure of working and interacting with various businesses and clients on all their website needs. In an attempt to be efficient in delivering our clients projects and respectful of our client's busy schedule, we have always encouraged a virtual interaction to help discuss and complete all our projects. In 2020, we have many tools that can not only help us be more efficient in working together but also help us flatten the curve to get back to our new, COVID-19 free normal.

Ways You Can Continue Your Business Operations During Covid-19

  1. Establish An Online Presence:
  2. It's common sense that business set up a website to sell their goods online but did you know we work with various clients such as dentists, chiropractors, mortgage brokers, personal trainers and other businesses that don't use their website to sell online? Websites can be used to offer information to clients such as frequently asked questions, news in the form of a blog as well as being a "go to" place for upcoming events, promotions and time-sensitive news such as cancellations.

  3. Communicate Online:

    There is nothing that replaces the feeling meeting face to face with a new client or potential customer. During these tough times, this can be replaced with many FREE online tools through smartphone apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook. On your desktop, Skype has always been our "go to" app to chat with clients, share documents and even "screen share" when it comes to helping clients set up emails, offer tutorials etc.

  4. Share Online:

    When working with clients, we always work with various materials such as PDF documents, images, videos and other digital files. Traditonally these have always been shared through a physical memory stick, USB or flash drive. A more efficient and safer way to exchange files is through online file sharing sites. At OMIS Web Design, we use With WeTransfer, you don't need to register or sign up and there is no limit! You can send up to 2GB free and the transfer link is available for 7 days.

  5. Streamline Your Business With A Web Application:

    One of the aspects of our job we love the most is that we are always working with new business with unique needs. We understand there isn't a one size fits all approach to building a website. When consulting with our clients regarding their website needs. We always ask our clients how their website can help their business. Perhaps it's through an online registration, application or intake form. Publishing of information such as a daily workout, updated restaurant menu or even a live webcast of an event. Through consultation, we are confident we can make your day to day business work more efficiently, freeing your time and putting your website to work for you.

During these uncertain times, let's all put an effort towards flattening the curve, staying healthy and successfully fighting COVID-19. At OMIS Web Design, we are here to answer any questions and offer consultation on how you can improve your business through the use of a website and online tools.

We are available to discuss your website needs during the COVID-19 Outbreak: 705-721-9670 or [email protected]
Posted by Carlos Vilchez
Carlos Vilchez - Barrie Website Designer
Carlos Vilchez is a web consultant for - Online Media & Internet Solutions - A web design, development and host service provider in Barrie, Ontario. He's been tinkering with html and coding websites ever since the days of 14.4k dial-up, paying $2.25/minute for an internet connection. For nearly 2 decades, has been providing small to medium sized businesses with affordable web design, hosting solutions and a wide assortment of web-related services.