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What You Get With Your Free Website Review

This free consultation will provide you with options on how to improve your website for speed, performance as well as improve your search engine rankings for organic and paid search.

Websites are no different than your home or your car. You bought it brand new but over time, things break down and stop working. Since web design is constantly changing, websites need to be maintained and updated as well. Also, search engines, social media sites and web browsers are always being updated to improve the user's experience and as a result, web designers need to reflect those changes onto their website.

What's included in the review:

  • Website Performance Score (out of 100) highlighting potential loading and performance issues
  • Mobile / Responsive Score showing how well your site works on mobile devices
  • Useability check to see any potential navigation or layout issues
  • Broken link check to see if any pages, images or files are not working
  • Error check to see if any script, code, plugin or widgets are no longer working
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) overview to see if you have all the proper "basics" to rank on search engines
  • A professional opinion summarizing how to improve your website and increase your visibility to outrank your competitors

What happens after the review?

With your review in hand, you will easily understand any issues or areas for improvement that will help your website rank higher, work error-free and give your viewers a better viewing experience. You can take this to your existing website designer or contact us for a quote to address the concerns!

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