Content Management Website Design

Take control of your website content and update your content as you please

Many businesses in Barrie have content on their website that needs to change frequently. Restaurants, event companies, bloggers and photographers. Whereas a brochure website doesn't have a user-friendly way of updating content (it is literally done by coding directly on the site's code - ideally by a professional!) a content management website has a "back-end" interface only accessible via login, that allows you to select and edit content. Our preferred content management solution is WordPress as it is extremely safe, reliable, customizable and has a very user friendly interface.

After a consultation and assessing your content management needs, we will provide a solution that will allow you to manage your desired content.

Included With Every Website

Your website will have 20 years of experience built with the following features:

Responsive Layout

Building a responsive website is standard with all our website projects. We'll ensure your website looks great across all devices from mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers and even televisions!


We recommend building any content management website with WordPress which is secure, efficient and very user-friendly.

Ongoing Support

Just because your project is done, it doesn't mean our relationship is! We will keep you in the loop with new trends and ways to improve your website. Also check out our website maintenance services in order to keep your website up to date!

Search Engine Ready

All our websites are built to be ready for ranking and indexing with the proper structure and tags that will allow your website to be picked up by searh engines.

Powerful Performance

Everyone hates slow websites. Search engines also penalize your website if it is too slow. Prior to launching your website we'll ensure it performs as fast as possible for a great user experience.


We recommend using the PayPal payment gateway to process all your transactions. PayPal is widely known and accepted and is one of the most affordable online payment gateways

Secure Hosting

We offer a fully secured website hosting platform for any client that hosts with us. This will help you rank higher and give your customers peace of mind when using your website.

Expandable, Scalable

As your business grows or changes, your website will be able to grow and change with you. We can add on content and expand functionality.

Fully Customized

After a thorough discussion regarding your branding, needs and wants, we will build a fully customized website based on the features and content your require from scratch.

Built To Your Specs

Many cheap web designers copy and paste from a template leaving you with a "copy" of someone else's website. We will only build in the features you need.

Current Coding Standards

We only use the latest and approved coding practices to ensure your website works across all devices, browsers and operating systems.

Social Media Friendly

When shared across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can rest assured your website will link properly and look great on social media.