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Live Chat For Your Website

Website live chat is the hottest trend for 2020. It allows you to monitor users who come on your website and creates a platform for instant live chat. Live chat is a great tool to help lead the user to the right page, answer questions or make the interaction more personable.

Live chat software is the customer service and sales department of your website...

Live chat is no different than going to your local grocery store where clerks are around for help. Some people are fine shopping on their own and others sometimes need help locating an item or question regarding ingredients or expiration dates. Live chat can work the same way with your website. You can decide to engage or help the customer as you see them go from page to page.

Check out these cool performance statistics supporting live chat!

At OMIS Web Design we've had the privilege of working with various clients and implementing live chat on their website. From WordPress to Wix and Weebly, we are experienced and knowledgeable enough to work with your website!

Want to implement live chat on your website? We can help! Contact us to discuss live chat and your website!: 705-721-9670 or [email protected]

Posted by Carlos Vilchez
Carlos Vilchez - Barrie Website Designer
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