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Servers are like cars. A Ferrari outperforms a Kia! Most importantly, how you manage your servers can greatly affect server performance.

Most discount host service providers claim to have fast servers with the latest processors and come loaded with all the features. This is by no means a false claim. However, when you overload your server with too many accounts, have layers of files, accounts, databases and other processes, performance is greatly compromised. Think of hitching a trailer full of rocks on the Ferrari with a bike rack and a cargo box on the roof! I'm sure, in this situation, our Kia would go a little faster!

Our hosting network ensures our servers are always properly balanced for performance and in the event it grows to be overloaded (for example if a client has an increase in traffic, users, content etc...) we will relocate seamlessly the account on a less crowded server. All this is part of operating a balanced hosting service.

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Advantages of a fast server and optimal server performance

  • Users hate to wait!
  • Fast website loading times improve your search engine rankings
  • Fast servers allow you to showcase "beefier" content like video, high quality images and heavier documents
  • Allows the hosting provider to offer better server-side services such as security/anti-spam software.

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Other Web Hosting Features

We offer perhaps the most comprehensive website hosting solution in Barrie & the surrounding area at an affordable cost.

Dedicated ServersOur servers only house our clients. No outside content that could potentially get your website black-listed, hacked or bogged down.

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Uptime GuaranteeOur website is hosted on the same server as your website! We can guarantee we'll ensure it's ALWAYS up and running.

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Lightning Fast HostingNo discount host service provider can match the speed, reliability and performance that our servers can offer.

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Managed HostingGet direct access to a real, local person for all your web hosting related needs! No more waiting for support queues or tickets!

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