Dedicated Servers

"Private" Or Dedicated Servers

Discount hosting service companies do not monitor the content and hope no malicious content affect their servers!

Many discount host services providers are able to offer low-cost hosting because they hope to attract as many clients as possible on their servers. When managing tens of millions of customers, eventually content will go unmonitored, unoptimized and will eventually bog down the server your account resides on. Similar to a desktop computer, the more software/apps you have installed, the more files you add to your computer, eventually your system will slow down to a crawl even with the fastest and latest processor and hardware resources.

At, we are the gatekeepers for all our hosting accounts. Meaning we meet the client, assess the project and create the hosting account if the project meets our guidelines. On top of this, we continuously monitor the hosting account for inneficiencies (ie- large files, error logs, old emails/attachments) and work with the client to improve the performance of their hosting account. After all, our goal is to deliver the speed and performance our servers are designed to deliver.

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Advantages of having your website hosting on a dedicated server

  • No chance of malicious content/websites
  • Always optimized for speed and performance
  • Servers are never overloaded or over-utilized
  • Always kept secure and up to date

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Other Web Hosting Features

We offer perhaps the most comprehensive website hosting solution in Barrie & the surrounding area at an affordable cost.

Dedicated ServersOur servers only house our clients. No outside content that could potentially get your website black-listed, hacked or bogged down.

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Uptime GuaranteeOur website is hosted on the same server as your website! We can guarantee we'll ensure it's ALWAYS up and running.

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Lightning Fast HostingNo discount host service provider can match the speed, reliability and performance that our servers can offer.

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Managed HostingGet direct access to a real, local person for all your web hosting related needs! No more waiting for support queues or tickets!

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