Website Hosting Features

Ensure you have reliable, fast and secure website hosting services
* Features at a premium cost Barrie Website Hosting Barrie Website Hosting Barrie Website Hosting
Company GoDaddy & Other Discount Hosts Wix & Other DIY Hosts
Server Environment Dedicated Shared* Shared*
Service Type Local, email or phone call away Foreign, support tickets/queues Foreign, support tickets/queues
Setup Included. As well as FREE hosting transfer Customer managed* Customer managed*
Bandwidth Unlimited/As needed Unlimited: However at the mercy of shared hosting Limited*
Disk Space Unlimited/As needed Limited* Limited*
Emails Unlimited/As needed $11/user/month through third party like Office 365 $5/user/month through third party like G Suite
WordPress Hosting *
Website Backup * *
Risk Of Compromise Low: All content is monitored High: Hosting content is unmonitored High: Hosting content is unmonitored
Website Portability Yes: If you change hosts, we'll give you your site Yes: Assuming you know how to export your site No: Site files owned by DIY provider
Standard Hosting Price $30/month $5-50/month $15-$50/month
WordPress Hosting Price $35/month $5-$50/month Doesn't Offer WordPress
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Recent Hosting Disasters We've Resolved:

  • Client didn't know where their website was hosted due to a previous designer having set it up and was no longer able to be contacted. A quick "WHOIS" lookup allowed us to see where their website was hosted.
  • Website taking up to 10 seconds to load. Client thought it was malware or spyware. As a result it was due to website being hosted on a discount hosted provider with overlaoded servers.
  • Client's website appears as "Not Found." A quick investigation led us to see the hosting package was not renewed due to hosting company's emails going into spam. We quickly logged in, grabbed the site files and hosted it on our platform.
  • All of the client's "sent" emails were marked as SPAM or JUNK. Client was hosting on the same server/IP as a fully compromised group of malicious websites causing their website to also be flagged as malicious.

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